Featured Stories

  • Despite peril, outreach to Somali Muslims bears fruit

    Two years ago, Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) told the story of a Somali man named Abdi. He was a Christian in the primarily Muslim country of Somalia who had to escape after he confessed his faith to his coworkers when asked to pray before an afternoon tea.

  • A bitter harvest: Staff member faces moment of truth in African prison


    There will be many times when we must endure heartache and many times when we must learn to forgive. Lucas Baloyi, a staff member of Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) in South Africa, is one of those people.

  • Kenya staff member shares a touching story at LLL convention.

    As Jared Osoro tells his story, it is easy to see that the memories are still very vivid. He remembers, clearly, the range of emotions he experienced in that split second before everything went black.

  • Ministry Works Toward Change in Northern Kenya

    Change. There isn't a single aspect of our lives that doesn’t. Whether it is changing our minds or changing an address. However, in the case of Lutheran Hour Ministry's Kenyan Manager, John Maina Kamau, change meant life or death for a family in Northern Kenya.

Nuru Lutheran Media Ministry is a Christian media organization working in Kenya and Tanzania. We are a branch of the International Lutheran Layman's League of St. Louis Missouri, through her Ministry arm Lutheran Hour Ministries. The ministry's objective is "To share the Gospel to all nations as people of Christ with a message of hope and to bring the lost to the fellowship of Christ". The corporate strategy is planning and executing ministry programs and activities that present the Gospel through various mediums.

Our main focus is to offer Lay people opportunity to evangelize using the different skills or talents they have. Our ministries are entirely Volunteer based.

The Lutheran Churches in Kenya

Nuru Lutheran Media Ministry has a primary working relationship with Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya (E.L.C.K.) The ministry work stretches to the smaller sister Church, Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church (K.E.L.C.)