People of Christ with a Message of Hope

We are a parachurch organization affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya, whose main objective is evangelism using various forms of media.

Radio Ministry

Drama is one of the best ways to reach out more especially when it has sense of humor in it. The program that we offer is a dramatized short and precise drama that focuses on social disputes that affect the society, which are solved culturally.

Events & Performances

Film ministry is program which uses the Christian contemporary movies and Bible stories and especially the Jesus film translated in various local languages with basic aim of proclaiming the gospel.

Automated Messaging

It is an interactive communication between our office and our respondents and especially in the area of follow up. After every outreach and especially during the medical camps we normally follow up those who we referred to the pastor with the primary objective of connecting them to the church

Youth Programs

The purpose of Project JOEL is to provide Christian guidance to youth who are still in school to help them make healthy decisions in their lives. These programs educate youth from a Christian perspective on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, the impact of negative lifestyles, and the effect of social forces that transmit negative values to youth.

How did the Media Ministry come about?

Nuru began in Kenya in the year 1994, as a satellite office Lutheran Hour before being elevated to become the country office in the year 1998. Nuru encourages Lay involvement in its operations and hence values volunteers with diverse giftings to propagate the gospel within Kenya using the appropriate media

We use print, electronic, interpersonal, and social media to reach out to our audience who are Kenyans, Tanzanians, and other Swahili speaking nations in East Africa living in Kenya.

Our mission is taking Christ to the nations and the nations to the church.

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