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Personal Evangelism

This is a program whereby we encourage the trained ETS and former Nuru employees to take an active role in introducing Nuru programs to the unreached and at the end we work towards referring them to church ministers who at the end counsel and engage them in church activities

Evangelism Training (ETS)

• This is mainly a LHM program that we use the five modules manual in our trainings; however we internalize it and localize according to the audience and the locality we have the training.

Youth Programs

• The purpose of Project JOEL is to provide Christian guidance to youth who are still in school to help them make healthy decisions in their lives. These programs educate youth from a Christian perspective on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse


This is the program whereby we engage the Lutheran choirs to do evangelism in prisons and their church neighbor hood. We meet with choir leadership and come up with strategies of doing evangelism within their neighbor hood and also assign each choir a prison to visit.

Some years ago, we had a weekend Challenge outreach mission in the slum near the Airport and next to Nairobi National Park. The place was surrounded by industries and factories just to recall. In tandem with our mission statement of bringing Christ to the nations, we equipped the saints and had a one to one evangelism within the village and thereafter, we had film show in the evening on the life of Jesus Christ and that was the birth of the Kenya Ports Authority(KPA) Congregation which later moved to Kenya Pipeline Village. And because of passionate Faithful People, The Congregation through friends purchased a plot that the Current Church Structure is built on.

The Congregation has grown big and what we see is the product of the passionate believers that want to share the Love of Christ to Neighbors and especially the Un- recheached. “We’ve learned to persevere the mockery of the outside World and to remain on Course so that we Preach the Gospel for People to know Christ since this the core mission to all believers. We thank Nuru Brethren for making us open our eyes and now we can humbly say, that this far we’ve reached, God is our Ebenezer” remarked Mr. Fredrick their lay evangelist.

They are very grateful to Nuru for helping them especially with evangelism and medical camps in their area finally they have found a place to call home. Last year the congregation was officially opened by the presiding bishop Joseph Ochola. We give God the glory for the work which has been done.

The official Openning Ceremony of Kenya Pipeline ELCK presided by Arch Bishop Ochola

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