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Personal Evangelism

This is a program whereby we encourage the trained ETS and former Nuru employees to take an active role in introducing Nuru programs to the unreached and at the end we work towards referring them to church ministers who at the end counsel and engage them in church activities

Evangelism Training (ETS)

• This is mainly a LHM program that we use the five modules manual in our trainings; however we internalize it and localize according to the audience and the locality we have the training.

Youth Programs

• The purpose of Project JOEL is to provide Christian guidance to youth who are still in school to help them make healthy decisions in their lives. These programs educate youth from a Christian perspective on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse


This is the program whereby we engage the Lutheran choirs to do evangelism in prisons and their church neighbor hood. We meet with choir leadership and come up with strategies of doing evangelism within their neighbor hood and also assign each choir a prison to visit.

The story is about Pauline Waithera who is 43 yrs Old, she now does small scale tailoring business.

She separated with her Husband due to financial issues and other irreconcilable differences which made them part ways. She migrated to the city of Nairobi, looking for green pastures but nothing seemed to alleviate her financial woes. Her Aunt who welcomed her to the city, later turned out to be a pimp. She introduced Pauline to different men as means of survival. Though initially it was difficult to accept, eventually she succumbed to the practice and slowly by slowly it became her way of life. 

She narrated that she had practiced prostitution for over 20 years, which according to her, took care of her basic necessities of life.Pauline once got pregnant and miscarried, which made her very sick for almost two years. She visited several hospitals but once being discharge, returned to her normal trade. When she fell sick again, she decided to test for HIV because she said she didn’t use any protection at all when attending to her clients. The moment it was declared that she was HIV positive, it sounded like a death sentence being pronounced by a judge. She was not a religious woman initially and would go to church occasionally, during festive like Easter, Christmas and the New year eve.

 It was while pondering of what to do with her life that Pauline met with a community health worker. The community worker invited her for Monthly fellowship at Nuru. It was there that she also got to know other ladies who had similar encounters like her. (Reaching Rehab Ladies) She was nurtured in faith and once in a while the Nuru coordinator would visit her at her home, a fact that made her open up more to the gospel. She was introduced to The Nairobi international Lutheran Church which was within her neighborhood.

Pauline is one of the ladies who were enrolled for the vocational college to be trained on alternative means of fending for herself. We thank God that she was among the six who graduated this month after successfully completing her courses. We are surprised with her transformation and her desire to live for God.

Success Stories

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