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Personal Evangelism

This is a program whereby we encourage the trained ETS and former Nuru employees to take an active role in introducing Nuru programs to the unreached and at the end we work towards referring them to church ministers who at the end counsel and engage them in church activities

Evangelism Training (ETS)

• This is mainly a LHM program that we use the five modules manual in our trainings; however we internalize it and localize according to the audience and the locality we have the training.

Youth Programs

• The purpose of Project JOEL is to provide Christian guidance to youth who are still in school to help them make healthy decisions in their lives. These programs educate youth from a Christian perspective on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse


This is the program whereby we engage the Lutheran choirs to do evangelism in prisons and their church neighbor hood. We meet with choir leadership and come up with strategies of doing evangelism within their neighbor hood and also assign each choir a prison to visit.

The story is a bout a 42 yrs old security guard called Mr. Anderson.

Mr. Anderson is a security man working at one of the secondary schools in Kambu, Makueni county. He came to our clinic to seek help because he had challenge with his vision. He had a growth in his right eye which made him very uncomfortable for a long time. For a long time he has been captive to animistic believe of witchcraft to the extent that seeking conventional medicine was a problem. Every ailment according to him was attributed to witchcraft and thus he has been living perpetually with fear. Nevertheless when he heard that there is a medical outreach within his location he decided to go and seek help because all the herbs he has been using failed in alleviating the pains on his right eye.

After sharing his ordeal, he was referred to pastor Joseph Nguku for further spiritual counselling and guidance. He had the opportunity of listening to the gospel in a special way and he decided that he wanted to know more before committing his life to the Lord. He thanked the ministry to for the opportunity of giving him free medication which was a good relief from severe pain in his eye and promised to link with pastor Joseph Nguku for further advice.

“We thank God for the opportunity of sharing the gospel to the likes of Anderson who are still stuck in their traditional beliefs of witchcraft and sorcery.” Remarked Geofrey Gunyali, a Nuru staff. “We trust that as he is being followed up by the pastor that the Holy Spirit will convict him to faith.”

Success Stories

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