Nuru Stories

Pastoralist Evangelical Volunteer

The story is about our ETS commissioned volunteer, Mr. Romo is 35 yrs old who is a pastoralist in Kajiado county.

For a long time, they have not had a resident pastor hence the challenge in getting Clergy related services like holy communion and baptism. He was initially not a Christian but practiced the Maasai traditions, he was engaged in the activities of his community and had been initiated to the warrior age group known as the “morans”.

Life in his cultural beliefs was empty and not fulfilling. Deep inside him he had the quest to search for the true living God. He had an encounter with missionary from Norway for a short time and hence was convicted of the Holy Spirit to faith. He was nurtured by Local Lutheran pastors who were not regular because of the interior distance of their church locations.

In the year 2011 he was chosen among other people from his region to an ETS in Nairobi conducted by Nuru. The former board chairman the late Mathew Ole Esho invited him to come along.

The teaching and shared experience challenged him to be proactive in ministry. He volunteered to be a lay evangelist to his people and has been using the BCC and other Nuru materials to nurture his community in faith. His people recognize him as a pastor. We are grateful as the Nuru family to have encouraged and nurtured him in faith.