Bible Correspondence Course

BCCs are mainly used to serve as an introduction and intermediate step to form a closer relationship with our ministry center and the local congregation. We assume that many people who contact us have no background and history of the basics of the Christian faith. BCCs allow these individuals a smooth transition to learning about who Jesus is and what the Christian faith is all about.

Who is your target group/audience and why have you chosen to target this group:

  • General literate public who can read and write
  • Refugees
  • Confirmation classes in Lutheran churches
  • Youth in secondary and primary institutions
  • Lutherans in Church
  • Nominal Lutherans outside Church
  • Self sponsored students
  • Youth using our internet
  • Prisoners

The reasons for this specific type of audience:

  • To bring the backsliders back to Church
  • More growth in Lutheran Churches
  • To be more equipped in the word of God
  • To help them to be witnesses to their peer groups
  • To increase our potential donors