Holistic Outreach

In holistic we have Reaching Rehab, Voluntary counseling and testing (VCT), and prison mums

  •  Rehab program deals with young poor women who practice prostitution to earn a living. The process involves identifying women mostly whom we had contacted in prison and were released. They in return introduce other friends who are hooked in prostitution and bring them to our ministry for counseling. We have a monthly fellowship at our NURU offices with them. We normally have bible study, sharing the word and table banking (Micro finance & revolving fund) for their capacity building.  Women enroll in the course in small groups, or cohorts, and graduate from training in sewing, typing, soap-making, hairdressing or other similar vocations.  Upon completion of the course, women are empowered to work or start their own small business to provide for their families in a God-pleasing way that honors themselves and God. 
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