Prison Mum is a program aimed at counseling and bailing out women with petty offences and reuniting them with their families. We normally liaise with the chaplaincy department who identifies these needy cases, and then we engage them through counseling sessions and later pay the fine for the mum to reunite with their families.

  • The target group is the poor young women. We target the group because these are young ladies that do the act due to influence, lack of basic needs, and lack of education, poor parental guidance and counseling
  • In VCT both the infected and affected becomes our target for ministry because most of them are stigmatized, traumatized and isolated needing the Christian love and mercy.
  • Prison mums are targeted so that they can be reunited to their families and especially their kids who become vulnerable incase their mums are incarcerated
  • The program goals is to give hope to the young women by providing a second chance by giving spiritual support to those who have come to Faith in and out of prison. Reaching Rahab expects as many reformed ladies to go back to church and help them to be future entrepreneurs.  In 2017 we have several women who have completed the course who are now mentoring new enrollees. 
  • We have formed 3 supports groups within Lutheran congregations within  Nairobi for those suffering with HIV AND Aids and hope to spread out progressively nationwide
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