Nuru is a subsidiary of Lutheran hour ministries whose headquarters in St. Louis USA. It is a parachurch organization affiliated to Evangelical Lutheran church in Kenya, whose main objective is evangelism using various forms of media.

Our identity is enshrined in our motto, “people of Christ with the message of hope.”

Our Mission is “taking Christ to the nations and the nations to the church.”

 Nuru began in Kenya in the year 1994 as a satellite office Lutheran Hour before being elevated to became the country office in the year 1998. Nuru encourages Lay involvement in its operations and hence values volunteers with diverse giftings to propagate the gospel within Kenya using the appropriate media

We use print, electronic, interpersonal and social media to reach out to our audience who are Kenyans, Tanzanians and other Swahili speaking nations in East Africa living in Kenya.

We offer:

Print Media

Free bible courses



Tracts with contemporary Christian messages

Electronic Media



Face book page

Radio drama

Short text message


Programs Available

Radio Drama

Bible correspondence courses


Prison Ministry

Men’s fellowship

Medical outreach


Bible Clubs

Weekend Challenge

Nuru Lutheran Media Ministry, P.O BOX32636 00600 NAIROBI

 TEL:+254-2-2718160, 2730552; Mobile:0799774484