Radio MInistry

Drama is one of the best ways to reach out more especially when it has a sense of humor in it. The program that we offer is a dramatized short and precise drama that focuses on social disputes that affect society, which is solved culturally. The main aim here is to give an alternative way of solving which is the Christian way. The programs are aired mostly during the evenings when the costs are cheaper and the families are back at home. The programs are localized in vernacular languages aired in the leading stations in each market.  

The programs are aired during prime hours when all the family members are taking dinner or have just finished relaxed in their living rooms. This is a very unique program and new in the market since most of the programs aired are preaching’s from different denominations unlike our program that raises factual issues that happen and their solutions in a Christian perspective at the end , it is also catchy for the sense of humor that revolves.

We are targeting the families and the general population who engage in social disputes that arises within themselves and get way forward on how to solve the problems in a Christian way.

The other group is non-Christians who don’t have a church to go to we offer a forum for them to listen to the word. The other group is those who are d-churched they once were Christians but at some point left the church due to disagreements where we offer a solution on how to forgive and forget the past and renew their relationship with God.