Audience Relations

Welcome. We invite you to read on to understand our initiatives and your role in our ministry. We are a functional unit of Lutheran Hour Ministry - Kenya dealing with Church Referrals, Connections, Counseling, Follow-up, Publicity, Volunteer enrollments, Training opportunities, Free Bible Correspondence Courses, Ministry Stories and Testimonies, Tracts and Library Services. We have two sub-units i.e. Bible Correspondence Course and Information Technology to support operational programs.

We are the center of information at Lutheran Hour Ministries-Kenya.


We co-ordinate Audience follow-up, Church and Institutional Relations, Production and Distribution of Information materials, Information Management and Analysis, volunteer Recruitment, motivation and involvement of Laymen to enhance personal witnessing and effective follow-up in local congregation.


To facilitate effective communication and quantitative information to Churches, Institutions and individuals mobilizing and sensitizing Laymen to proclaim the gospel to all Nations! all people uniting them in Christ to create a cohesive society without conflicts, no wars but at peace with Himself.


To collate, document and disseminate information necessary for audience groups to understand and accept their role as people of Christ with a message of hope, to partake in Ministry programs, services, products, advocacy and support through prayers, finances and involvement in personal witnessing and nurture.


In order to create and maintain understanding and confidence with respondents through effective information management and communication.

Church Relations

Share Mission, Vision and Initiatives with Bishops, Pastors, Evangelists and Elders Councils to gain their understanding and support in Local congregations. we use joint meetings, visitations, bulletins, keepbeat, update, posters e.t.c. Church Relations is important for penetration, referrals and connections of respondents for further spiritual support.

Equipping the Saints (ETS)



We equip, engage and motivate Laymen to proclaim, nurture and advocate for ministry programs, services, products and support in prayers and financial support in prayers and financial support.




Free Bible Correspondence Course

BCC is vital for follow-up on ministry respondents to maintain contact and enhance Christian foundational teachings. More than 28,000 people have participated since 1998. Individuals, groups and or institutions form the target audience. Lessons are conducted in English, Kiswahili and Amharic languages targeting Ethiopian and Eritrean communities living in Kenya. In response to Jesus command to let the children come to him, we introduced Kids BCC embracing ages 8-12 years to equip and involve them in child-evangelism campaign. The BCC audience profile includes Kenyans, Tanzanians, Ethiopians, Somali and Sudanese. More than 4,000 people have graduated at different levels. We involve inmates in BCC with more than 35 out of 92 prisons participating; over 4000 inmates undertake our lessons. We envisage involving all prisons by May 2005.

We invite you to join our "Free Bible Correspondence Course" to improve your knowledge on the word of God. The lessons are available for adults and Kids BCC for children aged 6-12 years and you can enroll your friend too.

Audience Follow-up

You can send in your enquiries about our products and services. Our staff will be ready to listen, understand and respond to your needs to the best of our ability. Supplying your needs is our obligation.


We produce and distribute publications, Keepbeat, Bulletins, Posters, Update, Brochures, Stickers, Banner, Testimonies and touching experience on how our programs touch and change the lives of our respondents. Our Website contain valuable information adn how you can be involved in our programs.

Lutheran Hour Library


Initiated in June 2003 to provide confessional reading materials. This is the only Lutheran Resource Center in Nairobi for pastors and laypersons. We stock Print, Braille, Electronic, Audio and Video materials. The library is well stocked with a variety of literature covering a wide scope of books raging from children books, Teens, Marital/Relationship, Bibliology, Church Related Topics, Theology, Psychology, Sociology, Music, French, Germany, Pastoral Counseling, Missiology amongst others. We have abundant relevant materials for research and reference serving as a pool of knowledge. For anyone who wants to sharpen his/her knowledge and skills, this is the place to be. It is good to remember that Ecclesiastes 10:10 says that, " If you dont sharpen an axe, then you will have to work harder " Thus knowledge is power, and spiritual knowledge is eternal. We provide for borrowing and reading in the Library at friendly terms. Visits are open to all individuals.


Do you doubt the life hereafter? Do you feel like giving up? Has someone done you an injury? Are you lonely? Are you depressed or have a nameless fear? The society is bedeviled with dynamic politics, poverty, cultural integration and adverse media influence. The result is increased strife in the families, diseases and hopelessness. In this respect we deal with real life situations sharing the burdens with the sick, oppressed, prisoners, traumatized, youths and school pupils with specific counseling needs.
We offer free counseling services for all spiritual needs. The pool of counselors include, Nuru Evangelism Team, Pastors and a senior volunteer (Board member). For other contemporary counseling services, we usually refer to collaborating institutions.



To share our vision, mission, initiatives with Bishops, Parish Pastors, Congregational Leaders, Elders Council to identify and recommend committed volunteers at local congregations for training and support to enhance personal evangelism and nurture. The programs involve;

  1. Membership Register:We offer technical and material support to consolidate membership in print and electronic data. This enables your congregation to analyze attendance, absenteeism and to develop suitable follow-up and visitation programs targeting in-active and de-churched members.
  2. Congregational Empowerment: Tacit knowledge of the word of God is the most effective tool of worship. The explicit knowledge of sharing the gospel is a necessary ingredient in witnessing. To this end, we gear our Library, Free Bible Lessons and Bible Study Leadership Training to enrich you spiritually and empower you to share your faith.
    1. Bible Study Leadership Training:- Bible Study enables you to ask pertinent questions and get jointly solutions to Biblical questions. We can support your groups in knowledge management and leadership competence enhancement.
    2. Lutheran Hour Library
    3. Individual Bible Study Manual

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