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Success Story 3

The story is about Rehama Wanjiku

Rhema has practiced prostitution since her early teens, a vice she was introduced by friends due to their extreme poverty condition in the slums of Kibera. Rehama profess Islam though she was not practicing it. Her parents were very poor to meet their family basics needs pitting her and her other siblings to start the life of survival at a tender age. Nobody from her other relatives seemed to care of their welfare but only condemned them as ‘ kafirs” ( a Muslim word for pagan)because of their lifestyle.

She felt that Allah had cursed and condemned her family to abject poverty and its seemed that their fate was already sealed. She turned into prostitution to make ends meet but even in that she felt a deep void in her heart. She did like her job but she had no otherwise. She was introduced to Nuru by one of her colleges and was welcomed to the monthly fellowships. After attending to three consecutive months, she was convicted of the Spirit to faith.

Despite the challenges of life, Rehema has found solace in Christ a fact that she testifies with her friend. We can see the joy of the Lord in her life and her willingness to learn more about her new-found faith. “My former religion condemned me as ‘najsi’ (defiled) according to sharia laws but Christ has accepted me Just the way I am.” She remarked

We cannot share her picture to protect her privacy.